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her heart belongs with a softer hue…

written by ChristingC January 12, 2010
H&M top, vest from random Hong Kong boutique, Chloe Paddington, Rolex watch, Kabiri bracelets, New Look boots.

I discovered this top in the depths of my wardrobe, and reunited happily with the sheer, flowing chiffon, and romantic shimmering accents. To say I’m excited about the insurgence of ruffles, silk, and florals littering S/S 2010’s catwalks is an understatement. I have always been a “girly girl” at heart, swaying towards all that was pretty and delicate. From a young age I despised trousers and tomboy looks, constantly dodging the practical efforts of my mother, who thought it may be easier to have a daughter who didn’t constantly prefer tulle over denim. In my teens I consistently swayed towards pink, and grew a premature fixation with make-up. My sports skills are useless at best, and I thoroughly enjoy primping for a big night out. Although I find hardware, ankle boots, and leather incredibly enticing, it’s always fun to add a feminine touch. I can’t wait to be twirling in the sunlight, with tan, bare legs, swathed in the softest white lace dress.
In my opinion, girls have it best.

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