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written by ChristingC September 6, 2010
Topshop sheer top and shorts, AA tank, boots from Hong Kong, Kabiri bangle.

I am growing attached to my new, cozy blogging corner.  Each evening after an indulgently lazy day at our favourite beach, I perch on the edge of our humble room’s window and quietly gaze at the shoppers on one of Cannes’ busiest streets.  Although we may miss out on the pampered factor of five star hotel living, the boy and I have always been partial to renting a home on our weeks away.  My preferences sway towards the menial tasks that are necessary when sleeping in a place of our own.  Trips to the market for random necessities such as hand soap, purchasing a freshly baked baguette for breakfast, creaky french windows and winding classic stairs, or just the comfort of our habitual clutter makes one of our usual summer spots feel a little more like home.  I can’t help but crave to live like the locals of this boho luxe town rather than just experience this easily touristy destination as a passerby.
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