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i should have gone this year…

written by ChristingC April 21, 2010

My favourite looks from Coachella.
I find festival style incredibly enticing, but have never actually attended one (I’m not a camping sort of girl,) but I’m considering putting aside my fears and braving the public restrooms, shower ques, and possible rainy weather at V Festival this year. Or maybe I will just wait until Coachella pops around again next year…I hear they have a shuttle service that takes you back to the your hotel/rented house with a pool. Is that why Alessandra Ambrosio looks so flawless? She definitely does not look like she slept in a tent and waited in line for an hour to shower. Coachella is the sort of event platforms like Instagram were designed for. If you’re looking to go but want to improve your account’s engagement, you could use an account manager to help you get instagram followers and likes .

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