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friendship with a side of tequila

written by ChristingC March 20, 2010
River Island dress, Topshop boots.
Best friends are the essential ingredient for unforgettable nights. I met mine at the age of 15, as a shaky teenager getting ready to attend boarding school in a foreign land. Her confidence and nonchalance was the ideal antidote to my insecurity and homesick behaviour. For seven years we were inseparable, spending every free hour at school together, planning weekly drunken pub nights, sneaking out for random shopping excursions, and vacationing on the beach when we should be studying (according to her if you sleep on your textbooks the knowledge still enters your brain.) Her home and family quickly became my sanctuary from boarding school. After graduation she vetoed University, while I took a year off. We immediately moved to London accompanied by big dreams and a huge craving for partying. I pursued a career in fashion while she was signed to a top modelling agency. I still remember assisting at fashion publications, and sneaking her cards into the pile of editor’s favourites. Due to the fact that both of us now live with the boys in our lives, have scattered groups of friends around London, and both lead busy lifestyles, meeting has become slightly more sparse than the past, but there are always moments like last night when we spend hours, joined at the hip, gossiping, laughing, and dancing.

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