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i am thankful for you

written by ChristingC November 24, 2011
Topshop jumper, Diesel skirt, Wolford socks, Cheap Monday wedges, and fox tail courtesy of DollsKill.
Our little clan has turned into a slightly crazy, increasingly fun, tight knit group of four.  Nights are always late and unpredictable, secrets are pretty much non exsistent, and laughter, tears and alcohol flow in abundance.  I’m always a fan of letting go, living without abandon, and doing what really makes you happy, so what’s better than finding people who share this exact mindset.  Moving to a new city makes you realize how important those close to you are, and when trying to build new relationships all you can do is dedicate each moment to learning more and growing close.  Not every night involves downing drinks, eating multiple meals, and sharing stories that probably shouldn’t be shared, but almost every night is a good place start.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 
I’m thankful for an amazing year, the move of a lifetime, and all of you! 
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