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she moves through the undecided…

written by ChristingC December 6, 2009

Zara vest and blouse, Topshop shorts, Ashish for Topshop wedges,Chloe bag,Miss Selfridge headband, and Rolex watch.

In the early am, when sleep evaded me, I decided to immerse myself in Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which provided captivating qualities in abundance. My eyes feasted on Barcelona’s idyllic scenery, while my thoughts fully engrossed in the twisted romantic story. But what truly captured my emotions was the passionate portrayal of each female character.

The film focuses on three beautiful characters. Women, extreme in their personalities, differing greatly from each other, all maneuvering through undecided paths. I began to ponder the eccentricities of female personalities; striking and provocative, creative and beautifully insane, reserved and controlled. Are we all unusual combinations of these extremes, only letting slip what we feel comfortable sharing? I am shy, conservative, moody, emotional, spontaneous, lazy, pensive, passionate, dedicated, stubborn, argumentative, and silly, but never all at once. Aspects of myself reveal themselves at certain moments, when one coerces the emotion. It would be impossible to be the same person in every moment, and as my relationships build the more multi faceted my identity becomes. Maybe, no matter how much one believes they have planned, we are all navigating through the unknown. For me, I enjoy the unforeseen, dipping into different friendships, conversations, reaching for comforts that will drive me further down my own undecided path.

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