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written by ChristingC October 14, 2011



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Moving your life to a entirely new place in both the physical and lifestyle sense can almost drain your emotions dry.  A year hasn’t even passed since our relocation to Hong Kong and I can barely reach back to my former London mindset.  Stacks of responsibility has now been set heavily upon my shoulders, and days flash by without any notice of what may come next.  New relationships are building and existing ones are shifting to fit into this new mold.  You learn about yourself and those around you, who have reached out to care and support, and those who have forgotten once your presence is no longer near.  You sift through all the mess to hold on to what is secure and strong.  Building a new life at the same time as building a business is far more straining than I could ever have imagined.  Everyday I learn more about my new crowded home, my new friends, the new bustling city I now call home.   I learn about the hardships and excitement about being fully involved in a start-up business, how to integrate family and work relationships, the finer art of networking, and ways to push myself out of my tight comfort zone.  I battle my shy and idle ways on a daily basis, and make a full effort in embracing the waves of incoming opportunity.  I now realize how sheltered my life was, and may be growing up for the first time.  Shedding so many layers of protection has shifted my attitude in a slightly new direction, and through all the stress there are insane shining moments.  Life has become exciting and unpredictable.  There are days you scream in absolute happiness, and others where you cry with frustration.  I feel lucky everyday for the incredible people that surround me and all they have sacrificed to put me where I am now, all the opportunities that have been literally placed into my lap, and all the amazing memories I’m building each day.  

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