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she hopes to recover from the harm she causes…

written by ChristingC September 17, 2009

Theory jacket, RVCA tank, vintage sequin mini, H&M 20 den tights, vintage necklaces.

My simple Wednesday night outfit with a dash of sparkle.

The boy and I have been trying to keep a low profile in hopes of recovering from insane amounts of travel. We jet off again next Wednesday, and I would love to be fully detoxed by then. Unfortunately detox to me only means trying to stay in and sober at least three days a week. Apparently this is a difficult task, and I’m already feeling slightly anti-social. And to make matters worst, on the days when I am sober, I manage to eat copious amounts of fast food and pizza. I think it may be time to take a course on healthy lifestyles, and the art of living like Gwenyth Paltrow. For now I’m using the “I’m young” excuse, and lined up a string of social events before our departure. Upcoming events: Fashion Week and cocktails on Friday, Birthday Party (not mine) on Saturday, Catch-up dinner and post show party Sunday, and shopping and wine on Monday. At least today is a “detox” day right? Dominos anyone?!

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