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Walk like a Man

written by ChristingC June 9, 2009

Topman hat, Topman customized tee, Topshop Unique blazer, Topshop skirt, Vintage Wrangler boots

A shopping trip with the boy will almost always inadvertently end up with me acquiring several items of menswear. The occurrence is slightly unexpected seeing as I thrive on a feminine look, to the point where I have an extreme aversion to trousers, jeans, or any sort of pant. I can sleep in my tights and stockings, and often traipse about bare-legged in the coldest climates, but pants scare me. I’m not on a mission to sex up every outfit with my legs, but it is honestly what I find to be the most comfortable option. Being buttoned into trousers restricts my movements. My freedom feels stripped, and I find myself walking, sitting, even standing differently. This may sound slightly drastic, and I, like any other fashion lover, will be swayed to squeeze myself into a pair of uber tight skinny jeans, but that day will be a day full of complaints.

Saying this, the boy has helped me discover my love for everything else menswear related, and how much fun can be had when worn like a man. The shirts are loose, messy, and often better wrinkly, the tees are suitable to be worn from bed to day and bed again, and the most classic of hats look best dressed down. Of course many men are crisp, neat, and suited, but definitely not my All Saints addicted, scruffy, tanned, torn jeans wearing, wouldn’t mind sleeping on the beach boy, and that is just the way I like it.

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