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written by ChristingC June 5, 2010
Topshop boutique tank, Kate Moss for Topshop shorts, H&M necklace and bracelets.
After “part one” of the boy’s birthday weekend, we awoke this morning at an uncharacteristically early hour and actually managed to be productive. After noticing the welcoming sunlight, and our ravenous hangovers we sped out to the nearest supermarket to stock up on carbs and hydrating beverages. We decided Holland Park would be the ideal location to nurse our rumbling stomachs and throbbing heads, so with the dog in tow, we headed over to find the ideal shady picnic ground. Aside from a dramatic encounter with two greedy hornets, the experience was a great success. We even found time to explore Holland Park’s stunning Kyoto Garden, spotted several peacocks, and witnessed the dog become fast friends with a curious squirrel.

Birthday Party “part two” commences tonight!

Happy Saturday!


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