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Best Organic Moses Basket

written by ChristingC February 17, 2014
Little Merry Fellows
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Little Green Sheep

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Baby sleeping arrangements are a big decision we have been trying to work out.   We have come to the conclusion that keeping our options open is a good way to go, as I am still unsure how I will feel once the little one arrives.  Will I want her right beside me each and every night, or would it be better for her to be in the next room in a cot of her own?  We will have full time help, so I am not sure if I will be doing all the night feeds or maybe alternate nights with the nanny? Both the boy and I came to the conclusion that she will have her cot as well as a moses basket next to our bed.  That way we can make the decision when the time comes.  When choosing a moses baskets, I knew immediately I wanted a natural look and organic bedding and materials.   After serveral hours of perusing different sites and comparing reviews, these two were my top choices.
Little Merry Fellows:  I love the look and feel of this brand. Natural and organic products with a distinct bohemian allure.  I fell instantly for the poetry inscribed and heart shaped receiving blankets all contructed from organic materials.  The beautiful Lafayette Moses Basket set would fit perfectly in a field of wild flowers and comes with a fluffy organic faux shearling base mattress.  Everything looks delicate and cozy, perfect for a pampered little girl.  They don’t ship to China/HK yet, but if you have friends or family in the USA maybe you could go that route?  We are getting ours here via a separate shipping service. 
Little Green Sheep: This British brand comes highly recommended by several magazines and tv shows.  They fuse practicality with organic materials and great service.   You can find custom fit organic mattresses for your moses basket as well as fitted or flat sheets made from 100% certified organic cotton.  Everything is chemical free and has a great natural look.  Their Organic Moses mattress is handmade in Wales and safe for babies will allergies and eczema. I also love their cute, simple sleepwear sets. The best part is they have next day delivery in the UK and deliver to China and HK.  
Let me know if you guys have any recommendations for organic bedding and clothing.

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