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he’s just not that into it

written by ChristingC February 26, 2009
he's just not that into it
he's just not that into it 2
Asos dress and belt, New Look patent ankle boots

So, the boy and I do not agree on this little ruffly number. For some reason I find the large tiers, silky draped material, and bright colour incredibly alluring. Plus when purchased it really reminded me of the fabulous ruffles Lanvin showcased in their S/S 08 collection. But for some reason the boy is not convinced and insists I look like a comedic cupcake with long legs. I have now resulted to only wearing it on girls nights out. Oh well, at least he said he liked the long leg part 🙂

Please excuse the slightly scraggly hair. In a moment of bad judgement I decided it would be a good day to not brush my hair, even though I’m in dire need of a slight trim and root touch-up. I’ll try to get that taken care of before the next post!

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