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she was quickly drawn to the cluster of burning light

written by ChristingC February 4, 2010

Parka from Japanese boutique, vintage skirt, RVCA top, H&M necklace, vintage Wrangler boots.

Tokyo has officially exceeded all expectations. Our arrival was littered with luck, and we managed to acquire a spacious, upgraded room, with a panoramic view of Shinjuku. Our senses have been spoilt through a kaleidoscope of awe inspiring city lights, Shibuya’s massive selection of minuscule, kawaii shops, encounters with extremely sweet and friendly locals, street corners drenched with the smell of mouth watering miso ramen, and sampling the infamous Japanese blowfish for the very first time.
I can easily count 10 parkas within my viewpoint at all times here in Tokyo, so my craving for my very own had to be satisfied. Their selection is wide and varied, but I settled upon this soft light shape, with a fleece lining which will carry me through Winter, and can easily be removed come Spring.

I’m so excited to explore Harajuku and Ginza today! If you guys have any shopping or dining recommendations please share! 🙂

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