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I get lots of questions about my colourist and just general hair dilemmas so here I go.  I’m definitely no expert and pretty lazy at the best of times but I’ll share with you guys some stuff that def works for me.

Salon: I get my colour done by Andy from QG Private i.  He just gets me, is super quick, and always gets that right shade of blonde without any brassiness.  I love the treatment they do there too, so you can leave the salon with silky smooth locks.  I have seriously tried a lot of salons and they never went blonde enough or it was really really patchy.  Andy isn’t over priced, but the salon is comfortable, chic, and friendly.  Mention you read about it here and he might be able to give you a discount 😉

Purple soap: or shampoo to be exact. If your hair is super dark and you want to go ashy blonde, you understand my fears.  To battle any orange tones and preserve the colour, I shampoo with purple shampoo at least once a week.  My favourites are John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Correct or Loreal Professional Expert Silver.  They can be drying so make sure to use a deep conditioner afterwards.

Deep conditioner:  I use treatments a lot, otherwise my hair would be straw.  I love Redken All Soft Heavy Cream and Morrocan Oil.  Aussie Three Minute Miracle also does the job on a budget and a good helping of organic coconut oil works too.  I often leave them on overnight or throughout the day if I’m staying home.

And that’s it.  I also use a hair serum before I blow dry… nothing special and varies month to month.  To get waves I either use GHD straightners, curling tongs, or just leave semi wet hair in a bun to dry.  All of the above do the job.  

Hope that helps!


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 As a sun addicted, beach worshipper, being bikini ready is always pretty high at the top of my list.  With HK’s perfect weather still going strong, a million boat trips in my diary, and all those winter beach vacations in the cards, I wanted to share with you guys my go-to waxing salon.  Strip is super conveniently located in Central, have friendly, professional staff and most importantly get the job done quickly and with little discomfort.  I tried their seasonal coconut wax which reminded me of yummy tanning oils and days by the sea.  Their technicians are trained to do the job quickly and efficiently in their comfortable treatment rooms, always utilising the best techniques and products on the market.  Make sure to purchase some “ice cream” on your way out, their ultra soothing after care cream to help with any irritation.  Definitely recommend!
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 photo FCD2ADDD.jpg photo E97796CB.jpg photo C9C493C2.jpg photo 905C4E41.jpg photo 96944D73.jpg 

Silky smooth skin is an essential base for that much lusted after beach tan, so I was so excited to test drive Babescrub’s all natural products to get me ready for a day in Cannes.  Not only do the scrubs and body souffles smell incredible, they are Australian made using pure, natural ingredients. No toxic, nasty stuff, and still works wonders on your skin.  I was obsessed with the Green Tea Body Scrub and Coffee Body Scrub, both smoothing creating a silky baby soft skin and even reducing cellulite and stretch marks.  So necessary for me as I’m still only 4 months post Ever Tai’s birth.  I loved the concept of the dry body scrub which is much less mess and so easy to use.  Don’t miss Babescrub’s body souffle which is perfect to glide on post shower after a long day at the beach.  My skin has taken a beating from long sunny days and dips in salt water, but the body souffle has kept me hydrated and smooth.  Babescrub is an essential for all us hedonistic beach babes and has made me beach ready throughout my trip.  Head over to their site and join Babetown too!
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Loose, undone beach waves are my go-to hair style and I’m always looking for a way to perfect that look.  My hair finds it hard to hold curls for a long period of time and I’m pretty adverse to aggressive styling products so my options are slightly limited. I recently went to Paul Gerrard to test out a GHD styling experience, and managed to walk out with the perfect waves I’ve been craving.  We used the GHD heat protect and curl cream to create my look and the ultra modern GHD Eclipse Styler.  I was so impressed with the speed and ease of the process.  Usually visits to the salon mean at least 1.5 hours in the chair, which is very tedious for someone impatient like myself. Surprisingly my hair was salon perfect in less than 40 mins and I was all ready for a night out.   The curls held throughout the night with no stiffness or damage.  My hair actually felt softer and healthier. The look was equally easy to achieve at home, with just a flick of your wrist you can add a slight bend and create the ideal wave.  If you forget how they achieved it at your styling session, there are lots of GHD youtube videos to help you figure it out.   I have definitely added the GHD Eclipse to my daily hair routine.
If you are in HK this week, GHD are giving away complimentary styling experiences just like the one I had at Paul Gerrard. All you have to do is visit any of the locations listed below and upload a selfie of your new look onto Instagram or Facebook with #catwalkmeghk and @ghdhairhk.  Easy! An added bonus is each participant is automatically entered to win a GHD professional photo shoot worth up to $30,000 HKD for you and two friends.  
July 24-26, Paul Gerrard, 26 Pottinger Street, 12-8pm
July 25-27, Alpha Omega, 54 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay 12-8pm
July 24-Aug 17, Lane Crawford Times Square, 10am-10pm
July 24-Aug 17, Lane Crawford Canton Road, 10am-10pm
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HK’s summer is in full force and I’m so ready to make my look more low maintenance.  I hate dealing with make-up in this muggy, humid heat, so was eager to try out Browhaus lash and brow services in hopes of making my make-up free face more presentable. 

Brow Shaping: Basic Brow Shaping
I went for the Basic Brow Shaping service.  I have to admit it’s been ages since I’ve had my brows professionally groomed, and they have been bugging me for months.  I am lusting after a thicker, more Cara look but my sparse brows don’t seem to fatten up despite weeks of leaving them alone.   I expressed these concerns to my technician and she went about reshaping them in a way that made them look much thicker despite taking a fair amount off.  It seems it’s all about the shape and I will definitely be leaving it to the experts for now on.   I now don’t feel the urge to overuse my brow pencil and the shape frames my eyes perfectly.  She even gave me tips on how to grow out a few sparse areas and the best way to maintain the shape until my next visit.

Lashes: Lash in Bloom Cluster Extensions
I am a bit antsy when it comes to sitting in a grooming chair for long periods of time so I settled upon the Lash in Bloom Cluster Extensions over their lash by lash service.  The entire process took a quick thirty minutes and was very stress free.  There was a choice of three lengths and I went for the more dramatic look, combining all three lengths with the longest at the outer edge of each eye.  I loved the bambi fluttering look that was the end result and my make-up time is definitely dialled down now that I can forgo mascara. I usually do a smokey eye in the evening and now don’t remove all the eyeliner on my lash line at night.   The morning result is a smudged lived in look perfect for day and means I am ready after a quick swipe of concealer and bronzer.  Just what I hoped for when opting for lash extensions.  After a week I have noticed a few clusters have fallen off but it is barely noticeable.  The tune-up service is only $120 which is very affordable for touching up the look every few weeks.  I think I’ll be returning next week for quick touch-up and plan on keeping my new lashes throughout the summer.


Browhaus Summer Bazaar
For the entire month of June, Browhaus have joined forces with amika and Havianas to keep you summer ready. STRIP and Browhaus customers who choose to beautify with an a la carte treatment will be entitled to 10% off on the amika Power Cloud Force hair dryer and can enjoy a buy 2-get one free deal on hair care products.  Browhaus customers will also receive 20% off on stylish Havainas flip-flops.  Make sure to head over and prepare for HK’s scorching summer!
Browhaus Hong Kong
10/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2845 0886

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Coconuts are definitely having a moment.  First with the whole low calorie, super rehydrating, delicious  drink kind of way and now it’s all about the oil.  I’ve heard consuming a tablespoon each day can help you lose weight and lower cholesterol along with a whole long list of health benefits.   I haven’t jumped on the consumption bandwagon, but am definitely obsessed with it as my current go to beauty product. I’m one of those people who moisturise obsessively, twice a day without fail.  I deep condition my hair and go through pots and bottles of face and body moisturisers.   I located a jar of organic, virgin coconut oil at the local health food store and have been using it on everything from my growing baby bump to my long bleached locks.  My hair and skin have never been softer despite using expensive conditioners and creams in the past.  The jar seems to be never ending, is ridiculously affordable, and smells absolutely incredible.  

Here are a few of my favourite ways to utilise the miracle moisturising product.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask:  After showering and shampooing, I put a large dollop of coconut oil into my towel dried hair.  Apply a generous amount to the ends, and I tend to work it into my roots as well.   Avoid the ends if you are prone to flat or oily hair, but mine is super thick so doesn’t affect it in a bad way.  I sleep with it in my hair or leave it in for as long as possible with a little bit of deep conditioner at the very ends. I now only need a pinch of deep conditioner rather than the huge squeeze I previously worked through all my tangles.  In the morning I shampoo out concentrating on the roots and skip conditioner.   Add a tiny bit of coconut oil to the ends, literally just a smudge, and blow dry.  My hair has never been smoother or softer, despite the fact I just bleached it two weeks ago.  

Body Moisturiser: I apply the oil directly onto my baby bump for maximum moisture.   I love sleeping with the smell on my skin.  For my arms and legs I mix with a little bit of cheap Nivea body lotion or my current fave is aqueous cream.  A little goes a long way and it’s unscented so goes perfectly with coconut oil. Leaves skin perfectly soft and it soaks in so easily.  It’s also great for deep moisturising hands and feet.  I don’t find it sticky or too greasy and the boy loves the smell which is an added bonus.   In the day I can’t help but feel summer is in the air with the delicious scent on my skin.

Lip Balm and Eye Cream:   I use this once or twice a week as a thicker alternative to my eye cream.  It’s really gentle and makes the delicate skin very supple and moisturised.   I find it too oily for everyday use, but it’s a great treat on a weekly basis.   You will also find it on my bedside table as an at home lip balm.  It’s not glossy enough for me when I’m out and about, but I love its for before bed and in the morning.

Find coconut oil in any of your local health food stores.   Make sure to get the organic unrefined kind.   It’s solid at times but heats up easily in your hands.  Let me know if you guys have found any other uses.  I can’t get enough.  


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I’ve been toying with blonde locks for years, playing with different sets of lowlights and highlights  to suit my mood.  Although I loved my super blonde look of late, I wanted something with a slightly more manageable grow out process.  John and Andy, the amazing duo at QG Private I, helped me create a style that gave a more natural blonde, but still maintained the sun kissed summer look I craved.  We went over my dark roots with a warmer brown tone and kept the highlights at the ends ashy and blonde.  I loved the ombre result and even added choppy layers around my face which created a fuller, voluminous look.  Goes perfectly with my preferred wavy style and so much easier to maintain.  
Make sure to visit John and Andy at QG Private I, Four Seasons for cut and colour.   They always take in your opnions and help you create the style you crave.
Podium Level 6, Four Seasons Hotel
2526 4488
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 photo 95AB6ED1.jpg photo 64AA7B8D.jpg photo E940A110.jpg photo 87D35993.jpg photo EB1B6D3A.jpg photo BB96ABDE.jpg photo D4F33CF0.jpg
 photo 87CA8CA5.jpg photo 6AAE0FDE.jpg photo EE4A774C.jpg
Cafe Gray Deluxe x Net-a-Porter are currently collaborating on a delicious afternoon tea set inspired by renowned British skincare brand, Dr. Jackson’s Natural Products.  I had the opportunity to have afternoon tea with Dr.Jackson himself and learn about his amazing selection of natural products that work.  I was obsessed with the facial oil and 02 cream both featuring delicious scents and ultra moisturising benefits made from from pharmacology principles and high quality ingredients.   His affordable Coconut Melt is another must have product, which is both versatile and affordable, now a staple on my nightstand.   Head to Cafe Gray Deluxe to try the afternoon tea which stays true to Dr. Jackson’s philosophy of quality and environmental awareness.

Afternoon Tea daily from 3:30 to 5:30pm.
$290 per person or $530 for two.
Available until March 26.
Guests will receive a special gift set from Dr.Jackson and 10% off voucher to spend on beauty products at Net-a-Porter.
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 photo CCB4A31C.jpg photo F0BAEF89.jpg photo 649EA38D.jpg photo E10BAC44.jpg photo 3A70DEC1.jpg
 photo EC822B14.jpg

Went to touch up my blonde locks at QG Private i in Four Seasons, Hong Kong this week and absolutely fell in the love with the cozy salon featuring sweeping views and friendly atmosphere.  I had fun working with John and Andy in maintaining my blonde highlights and refreshing my cut with face framing layers and a slight trim.  I’m always anxious when sitting in a salon for too much time, but not only were they a talented team, everything worked in a speedy and efficient manner so I barely noticed the time pass before I was walking out with a perfectly finished style.  Definitely my new go-to spot for anything hair style related.

Haircut with John: $800 hkd (mention me for 20% discount)
Colour with Andy: $1400-1800 hkd

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You may have noticed that this past week I have been sporting a new lighter shade of blonde and reaping compliments for the amazing colour courtesy of Kim Robinson.  Last week was my first time visiting the ultra chic and inviting salon located amidst Central’s chic designer boutiques.  Kim Robinson offers a luxurious and private space complete with private rooms for each client and incredibly talented staff.  I was lucky enough to have Kim himself work alongside his amazing colourist, Maggie, on what would be the ideal blonde for my skin tone and hair.  The process was comfortable and open giving you a clear idea of what they can offer while fusing it with what you want for your hair.  I have never had more confidence trusting someone and giving them full creative control.  The result was perfectly sun bleached blonde without a hint of orange.  Everything I have been searching for in a salon and more.

Kim Robnison also has a collection of hair products available in the salon.  My favourite products were chosen as they are ideal for maintaining my messy waves in this insane humidity.  I was instantly obsessed with the HRF Smoother which was perfect after years of dying my long locks.  It rehydrates, tames frizz, and provides protection from heat damage.  The special formula also incorporates Crodasone W which strengthens damaged locks.  A must have for me as I like to keep my hair light and very long.   They also recently introduced an Electric Volumizing Crimper exclusive to Kim Robinson salons.  The small crimper discreetly adds texture and creates extra volume.  It’s ideal to use at the crown to create my undone, tousled style.  

Kim Robinson
106, Chater House
8, Connaught Road
Central, Hong Kong
Tel +852 2121 8484
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