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Beauty Post: Blonde Talk and More

written by ChristingC November 2, 2014
Hair 101

I get lots of questions about my colourist and just general hair dilemmas so here I go.  I’m definitely no expert and pretty lazy at the best of times but I’ll share with you guys some stuff that def works for me.

Salon: I get my colour done by Andy from QG Private i.  He just gets me, is super quick, and always gets that right shade of blonde without any brassiness.  I love the treatment they do there too, so you can leave the salon with silky smooth locks.  I have seriously tried a lot of salons and they never went blonde enough or it was really really patchy.  Andy isn’t over priced, but the salon is comfortable, chic, and friendly.  Mention you read about it here and he might be able to give you a discount 😉

Purple soap: or shampoo to be exact. If your hair is super dark and you want to go ashy blonde, you understand my fears.  To battle any orange tones and preserve the colour, I shampoo with purple shampoo at least once a week.  My favourites are John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Correct or Loreal Professional Expert Silver.  They can be drying so make sure to use a deep conditioner afterwards.

Deep conditioner:  I use treatments a lot, otherwise my hair would be straw.  I love Redken All Soft Heavy Cream and Morrocan Oil.  Aussie Three Minute Miracle also does the job on a budget and a good helping of organic coconut oil works too.  I often leave them on overnight or throughout the day if I’m staying home.

And that’s it.  I also use a hair serum before I blow dry… nothing special and varies month to month.  To get waves I either use GHD straightners, curling tongs, or just leave semi wet hair in a bun to dry.  All of the above do the job.  

Hope that helps!


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