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Beauty Post: Coconut Oil

written by ChristingC April 17, 2014
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Coconuts are definitely having a moment.  First with the whole low calorie, super rehydrating, delicious  drink kind of way and now it’s all about the oil.  I’ve heard consuming a tablespoon each day can help you lose weight and lower cholesterol along with a whole long list of health benefits.   I haven’t jumped on the consumption bandwagon, but am definitely obsessed with it as my current go to beauty product. I’m one of those people who moisturise obsessively, twice a day without fail.  I deep condition my hair and go through pots and bottles of face and body moisturisers.   I located a jar of organic, virgin coconut oil at the local health food store and have been using it on everything from my growing baby bump to my long bleached locks.  My hair and skin have never been softer despite using expensive conditioners and creams in the past.  The jar seems to be never ending, is ridiculously affordable, and smells absolutely incredible.  

Here are a few of my favourite ways to utilise the miracle moisturising product.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask:  After showering and shampooing, I put a large dollop of coconut oil into my towel dried hair.  Apply a generous amount to the ends, and I tend to work it into my roots as well.   Avoid the ends if you are prone to flat or oily hair, but mine is super thick so doesn’t affect it in a bad way.  I sleep with it in my hair or leave it in for as long as possible with a little bit of deep conditioner at the very ends. I now only need a pinch of deep conditioner rather than the huge squeeze I previously worked through all my tangles.  In the morning I shampoo out concentrating on the roots and skip conditioner.   Add a tiny bit of coconut oil to the ends, literally just a smudge, and blow dry.  My hair has never been smoother or softer, despite the fact I just bleached it two weeks ago.  

Body Moisturiser: I apply the oil directly onto my baby bump for maximum moisture.   I love sleeping with the smell on my skin.  For my arms and legs I mix with a little bit of cheap Nivea body lotion or my current fave is aqueous cream.  A little goes a long way and it’s unscented so goes perfectly with coconut oil. Leaves skin perfectly soft and it soaks in so easily.  It’s also great for deep moisturising hands and feet.  I don’t find it sticky or too greasy and the boy loves the smell which is an added bonus.   In the day I can’t help but feel summer is in the air with the delicious scent on my skin.

Lip Balm and Eye Cream:   I use this once or twice a week as a thicker alternative to my eye cream.  It’s really gentle and makes the delicate skin very supple and moisturised.   I find it too oily for everyday use, but it’s a great treat on a weekly basis.   You will also find it on my bedside table as an at home lip balm.  It’s not glossy enough for me when I’m out and about, but I love its for before bed and in the morning.

Find coconut oil in any of your local health food stores.   Make sure to get the organic unrefined kind.   It’s solid at times but heats up easily in your hands.  Let me know if you guys have found any other uses.  I can’t get enough.  


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