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Turkish Airlines: Business Class and Traveling Long Haul with Children 

written by ChristingC April 6, 2017

Over Christmas we embarked on our first long haul flight with both children and surprisingly survived the experience without any disasters.  Any parent of babies and toddlers knows how daunting flying can be, and crossing time zones while trying to convince your children a seat is a bed can almost be impossible.  Lucky for us Turkish Airlines allowed us not only a smooth journey, but an enjoyable one.  Their business class is arguably the most child friendly in the business with accommodating staff, welcome packets that include children’s headphones, and plenty of space in your bulkhead seat if you have an infant in your lap.  To top it off they offer very competitive rates so you don’t feel guilty about buying your child that coveted seat and indulging as a family.  The lie down beds are artfully set up with cushions and a duvet so all of us snuggled up and slept through the majority of the HK to Istanbul leg.  Although you have a short layover in Istanbul, there’s no better sanctuary than the Turkish Airlines lounge.  We gorged on mouthwatering authentic fare and lounged in the comfortable sofas.  The coffee was some of the best I’ve ever tasted and the children were occupied in the fully equipped kids club.  I also cannot fault the delicious meals served onboard our flights either with an relaxing candlelit dinner service, fresh juices and teas, and amazing Turkish flavours.  What a comfortable and luxurious way to travel from Hong Kong to Europe. 

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