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The Pierre New York

written by ChristingC December 1, 2021

The Pierre New York is an iconic, Upper East Side Hotel and one of the most luxurious in the city. Opened in 1930, the historic and elegant property has been updated several times through the years, while still retaining its old world charm. Classic doormen, sophisticated design, grand guestrooms, and five star amenities ensure you’ll have a decadent stay to remember. We loved that they had connecting rooms suitable for those travelling with children and dreamy NY skyline views. Located just across the street from Central Park, you’re only a stone’s throw from sights, museums, shopping, and the best dining options in the city. Make sure to dine at their inspired and sustainable restaurant, Perrine, and take advantage of their unbeatable concierge services. They create custom itineraries for your family based on their ages and interests and help you acquire all the tickets and bookings. You give all your details before your arrival and have a varied and exciting itinerary that begins as soon as you check-in. Whether you’re in search of the best playground in Central Park, NYC’s coolest toy stores, educational museums, or seasonal sights their experienced team will find what’s most suitable. The Pierre is ideal for families who value luxury, high end hospitality, and a touch of grandeur at the heart of the Upper East Side.

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