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Palawan Travel Diary: Club Paradise, Coron

written by ChristingC May 30, 2017

We have a beach addicted little family, always pining for the next white sand beach, so when a string of well traveled friends started recommending Palawan we knew it would be our next stop. Club Paradise, located on a private island in Coron, is only a short boat ride from Busuanga Airport and offers all that would dream of for an idyllic beach getaway. Our jaws dropped as the boat approached their white sand shores, slowly gliding through the sparkling gemstone turquoise waters. The beach villas are an amiable combination of luxury and rustic charm, giving you plenty of privacy and prime location. The children waded confidently into the calm and clear waters and spent hours building lofty sand castles on the pristine white sand beach. We enjoyed leisurely lunches at the beachfront restaurant tasting fresh local seafood and mouthwatering Filipino flavors. Evenings were spent lazing at the inviting and charming bar, where we caught numerous postcard worthy sunsets and cooled down with refreshing cocktails. One of the highlights was an impressive private boat trip to a neighboring island where we enjoyed a blissful and unforgettable dinner. If an island escape is your dream holiday then this is a must visit. For both romantic weekends or a family vacation, you will be able to experience an ample dose of paradise. 

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