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Ever and River Diary: February 2017

written by ChristingC February 14, 2017

I’ve been grossly neglecting these baby diaries because I guess I’m preoccupied chasing two crazy little monkeys around.  
Ever is now a full blown, long legged, question asking, sassy big girl who is turning 3 in a few months.  I’m both sad that she’s not a baby anymore and also so proud each time I look at her. Her neverending sweet demeanor will always melt my worst days and our long cuddles don’t seem to be fading. These past few months have seen her independence soar, and the shyness I worried about has fast dissipated into a slight precaution in new situations.  She has learned the great art of a good debate and obsesses over details.  I can’t get over how like me she is in both looks and personality.  The diva like mood swings and need for affection are so familiar alongside a determined nature that is certain of exactly what she wants.

River is my adventurous, daredevil not stopping for one minute unless he’s fast asleep.  The determined little rascal started walking at 9 months and was running only a few days after.  His fearless spirit both surprises and scares me at times, and means we need to be on our toes at all times.  Unlike Ever, who was still breastfeeding and clingy at 10 months, River is already weaned, gorging on three huge meals a day, and prefers not to hold anyone’s hand.  He’s full of hugs and cuddles before he escapes to cause more trouble, and baby proofing is a real thing with this one who finds disaster at every corner.

We are heading to Thailand again at the end of the month and can’t wait to share our new adventures with you guys! Keep up with us on Instagram (@christingc) and make sure to watch my Stories!



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