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Pregnancy Diary: 34 Weeks

written by ChristingC March 27, 2014
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  I’ve found this week one of the hardest throughout this entire pregnancy.  I was lucky enough to miss out the entire morning sickness and first trimester horrors, but the last month is taking it’s toll.  I’ve never been more tired and as her due date nears my Braxton Hicks are far more painful and uncomfortable.  Nesting is in full force, and my usual cleaning phobic self is tidying everything in site and organising all our baby purchases.   I am looking forward my baby shower on Saturday which funnily enough is the first baby shower I have ever attended.  Less than a month to go….The countdown has begun!
How far along?

 34 weeks

Maternity Clothes?
None.  I am running out of clothing to wear.  Pretty into maxi skirts with elastic waistbands to hide my swollen legs and of course my sweatpants.

Stretch Marks?

still none 🙂


Not great at night anymore but still trying to nap as much as possible.  I seem to still get a lot of work done during my sleepless nights so I guess it’s not a horrible situation.

Best moment of this week?

Catching up with lots of family.   We are all so excited and it’s fun to anticipate welcoming our little girl. 

Worst moment this week?
My Braxton Hicks are getting much worst and I’ve had a bit of cramping and pelvic pressure.  It’s probably been my most uncomfortable week since pregnancy.   I’m not looking forward to physically getting through this last stretch. 

Miss anything?

My old body, being flexible and agile, and spin classes.

Food Cravings?

Actually not as hungry this week.   Maybe she’s taking up so much space there isn’t much room for food.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy?

The smell of strong alcohol.   I’m finding it hard to be around lots of people drinking. 


Swollen legs and face, period like cramping, pelvic pressure, and extreme exhaustion. 

Belly button in or out?

In but looks a bit stretched.

Happy or Moody?
Happy but not very energetic. 
Looking forward to?
My baby shower this Saturday and our ultrasound on Monday 🙂

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