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Taipei Travel Diary 

written by ChristingC September 27, 2015

Taipei always holds a special place in my heart.  The bustling, unique city with the friendliest of personalities and abundance of culture holds many of my closest family and slices of childhood memories. Being born and raised in the USA, married to a Brit, and hopping from city to city across the world makes it easy to forget your humble beginnings.  As a child all I wanted was to be just American, and as normal or acceptable as possible.  Blending in seemed to be the only way I could survive.  Now I’m so proud of my Taiwanese heritage, and the multicultural family in which I belong.  I have too many cousins, aunts, uncles, and family members to count, and we’ve all made homes in far flung countries, but when we come together it’s as if we’ve never spent a day apart.  I’m so proud to teach my daughter the importance of being bilingual and speaking her grandparent’s mother tongue.  To traipse around all the local night markets with my husband, whose British/French good looks stick out like a sore thumb, but doesn’t flinch at the thought of consuming every single local delicacy.  I love the little quiet corners Taipei has to offer, whether it’s perched in a beautiful hotel suite, tucked away in the cutest of cafes, or just relaxing on a park bench. The air, the noise, and  distinctive scent always feels familiar in it’s own unique way.  I couldn’t recommend it more as a must stop city and the friendly, amazingly helpful people will always make you feel welcome.


Where to Stay:

Regent Taipei: Decadent surrounding, luxury shopping, plenty of mouthwatering sophisticated restaurants, beautiful rooms with spectacular views, and helpful inviting service throughout.

Muzik Hotel:  Located in the busy and exciting Ximending area.  Great if you are looking for local food, fun affordable market stalls, and a true bustling Taipei atmosphere.  Affordable rates, modern and comfortable rooms and very helpful staff.

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