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she realized she never needed it at all…

written by ChristingC October 7, 2009

Zara sequin skirt, Vintage Versace leather jacket, AA tank, Topshop and vintage necklaces, H&M men’s fedora, Steve Madden boots, Gucci purse.

I know this hat is making a regular appearance on the blog, but it is my solution to rainy London without an umbrella. After misplacing, forgetting, or giving away over 100 umbrellas I gave up. A wool fedora is enough protection for a girl that relies mainly on taxis and rides from the boy.

Do you have things in your life you believed you could never live without, but when it suddenly shifts away you realize the attachment was only a reaction to habit? I now survive without a microwave, bathtub, and guest rooms. Upon closer contemplation, I discovered I rarely touched the microwave, infinitely prefer showers, and never appreciated hosting in my home. A few months back, I felt strongly the boy and I could only be blissful with two floors and three bedrooms. We now reside in a generous studio, and I enjoy nothing more than having my bed in the same room as everything else. Maybe it is my slight fear of big spaces and going downstairs at dark, the fact that we’re constantly out or on vacation, or that I prefer watching TV in my bed rather than a couch, but the cozy space has definitely swayed me. Either this is really the best living arrangement for us, or I am just a low maintenance, adaptable girl. I’m pretty sure it’s the first option.

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