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i could leave tomorrow if you wanted to come with me

written by ChristingC April 5, 2010
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Versace leather jacket, Warehouse lace top, Topshop shorts and wedges, Asos hat, Miu Miu sunglasses.
Missing Paris already…
I am nomadic at heart, so residing in one location can teeter on the boring side at times. In my single days I constantly city jumped, spending several months in Paris, Barcelona, Boston, Hong Kong, Amsterdam or anywhere else that held a certain allure. The freedom of packing every necessity into two giant suitcases and embarking to a new home always resulted in the perfect balance of excitement and nerves. The opportunity to immerse in new cultures, sample foreign cuisines, learning languages, and mastering a new city can be the most refreshing lifestyle. I relish in discovering my favourite bistro tucked in a minuscule, forgotten alley, or coming across the ideal vintage treasure haven that sells endless amounts of Chanel. Each memory is stored, and when I return to that city a nostalgic feeling of arriving home always arises. To this day, when Spring rolls around, I still yearn for the creamy hot chocolate served at a silent Parisian cafe where I used to settle for hours absorbing romantic novels and French fashion magazines. I look forward to the day when the boy and I can relocate and experience the uncovering of an unfamiliar city together. But until then I am content with perpetual travel, and not having to worry about stuffing every belonging into two suitcases.

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