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nothing more cruel than only nine lives

written by ChristingC May 22, 2014
 photo 8485C688.jpg photo 2128F300.jpg photo D5510642.jpg photo AA16CE37.jpg photo 384CC4DC.jpg
 All Saints Shirt, C. by Christing C. Capri Dress, Club Monaco leopard print bag, Asos boots, ManiaMania necklace.

  After a busy week, catch ups with a few of my favourites, and general perusing around town I’m feeling a significant shift back to my former self.   My bursting wardrobe is calling my name, an overfull inbox may be looking more interesting by day, and the promise of sunshine in the near future has me trying on my bikini already.   Summer is just around the corner and the boy and I have mapped out a busy few months full of holidays, family nights in, extravagant date nights, and even a birthday celebration.  


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