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Taipei Travel Diary: Home for Now

written by ChristingC February 23, 2016


I’ve officially entered the last month of my pregnancy and we’ve set up home in Taipei for the remainder.  Our little haven of peace is wedged right between plenty of family, local eats, engaging streets, and sweet cafes.  My Dad has set up his chic home for us to settle in and I’ve loved making such a stunning place all our own.  Between feeling rambunctious baby kicks and long afternoons in quaint cafes, I’ve been soaking up as much Ever as possible.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had so much time with her sans nanny, and she’s been the angelic and devilish toddler I had expected and hoped she would become.  Her curiosity and animated behaviour amuses me each day and I cherish each day and evening when she softly falls into slumber upon my chest.  Her cheeky smile and enchanting eyes tell me stories all day long, as does her non-stop words which are tumbling out without abandon.  I know I haven’t disciplined or enforced rules as much as many parents believe necessary, but I love encouraging her wild and inquisitive nature, and despite the lack of definite structure her personality has developed into sweet, delicate, and determined. These weeks I cherish the most, the last moments I’ll have with our family when we are just the three of us.  The boy relaxed a bit on the work front and we’ve been taking long walks, early chilled nights in bed, afternoons exploring, and just general quiet moments.  As I write this the three of us are snuggled up for an afternoon nap and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Only a few more weeks until a newborn in my arms and I just can’t wait.

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