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written by ChristingC April 22, 2014
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That’s it.   We’ve come the the end of this evidently surprising, unexpectedly satisfying, and at times turbulent road.  We welcome our baby girl to the world tomorrow, and I’m very ready to say goodbye to the pregnancy segment of this story.   I’ve learned a lot about myself and my relationships during this enlightening experience.  My lifestyle changes have taught me patience, endurance, and responsibility.  The boy and I have managed to become an even stronger team than I imagined possible, and it’s funny how easily some things will actually just fall into place. It feels good to say we are definitely ready, with just a few pre-surgery jitters lingering on my mind.   If you want more posts about my pregnancy and journey becoming a first time mother, you can follow me on my other blog here where I’ll be sharing all my new mommy experiences.  


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