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she keeps her secrets tied to her heart…

written by ChristingC August 1, 2009

Topshop jacket, AA sexualitee, H&M skirt, Vintage necklaces.

I was tagged by Confiture-Chic to reveal ten random facts about myself.
Here we go:

I spend a ridiculous amount of time in bed; math confuses me; I speak fluent Mandarin; an enormous chunk of my life is spent reading novels; I prefer to apply my make-up on the bed, using a small compact mirror whilst watching music videos; hair extensions kinda gross me out; I’m completely adverse to bras with underwire; I’m American, but attended an all girls English boarding school from the age of 15; sports scare me (playing them, not watching them); I’m very clumsy and manage to fall over A LOT!

I tag everyone that wants to be tagged 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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