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 One Teaspoon top, Maurie & Eve shorts, Superga flatform sneakers.
One of those days when the air is breezy and crisp, the bursting sun tickles your skin with a comforting warmth, and that glittering buzz ignites your optimistic mood.  I’m always surprised when I suddenly realise how at home I now feel in this tumultuous and gratifyingly crazy city.  It’s always been easy for me to feel out of place, letting discomfort sweep over my mood.  I can skip into feeling not quite right in an instant and maybe a little uneasy in my own skin.  These past few months have seen these insecurities subside and I’m stepping evenly into a steady stride, finding an enjoyable confidence with my life and myself.  I’ve city skipped most of my life and prided myself on that nomadic, hedonistic behaviour, but now I know where I fit most.   Like this city cut out a perfect little slot for my family and I to reside.  We’ll always travel, we’ll always wander, but now I know where we’ll always call home.
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 photo 4AE6F30A.jpg

That’s it.   We’ve come the the end of this evidently surprising, unexpectedly satisfying, and at times turbulent road.  We welcome our baby girl to the world tomorrow, and I’m very ready to say goodbye to the pregnancy segment of this story.   I’ve learned a lot about myself and my relationships during this enlightening experience.  My lifestyle changes have taught me patience, endurance, and responsibility.  The boy and I have managed to become an even stronger team than I imagined possible, and it’s funny how easily some things will actually just fall into place. It feels good to say we are definitely ready, with just a few pre-surgery jitters lingering on my mind.   If you want more posts about my pregnancy and journey becoming a first time mother, you can follow me on my other blog here where I’ll be sharing all my new mommy experiences.  

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 photo ff376b2e0d288739bde9518df697026f.jpg  photo 04a89b4d8cebaaebfb66aff3d18b1829.jpg  photo abab7cbace0c80bbdacd599205f95227.jpg photo 83711cd0bbf3db4a2044d486406a1ffc.jpg photo bcebb3ed7e079a86ffdf01dbd784814f.jpg photo 4e1e7eb9c9a6d731a25303d6e64998de.jpg photo fda1cc0a06e4e0d94534617b7dfc1efc.jpg photo e3ee6fa4789c5befc1a4873712beeeb2.jpg photo 5ac21480cc0a1502ab707b25b4366e9e.jpg photo 22d79628b2cd297802feb98287eb524c.jpg photo 7e21ab4672c68197c2fc16045ba1943f.jpg photo 9a518e0f7c20a6a732159fa38ddbf59e.jpg 

Some stuff I’m kinda falling in love with.  Been stalking the shows via social media and the ever useful style.com app. I’m always drawn to the pieces I would want to wear today. Things that immediately integrate into my everyday life.   Fashion shows stir cravings in travel and fancy parties, summers surrounded by sea and ancient architecture, and layering in the snow.  Hmmmm.


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 photo C5FDFB6D.jpg photo 3B5A67C7.jpg photo 012F609D.jpg 
The Sweet Mommy Parka is a perfect rainy day piece.  Looking for jackets that zip up over a burgeoning bump can be an impossible and unflattering task, but this coat is slimming, on trend, and best of all wearable after the baby arrives.  Check out the website to see the detachable baby pouch which can be worn on the front or back. So many uses in just one piece.

 photo 6CE8F52C.jpg photo ABE3C45E.jpg 
Wearing these leggings and super soft tee makes me believe you can stay true to your style and show off that bump.  Both pieces are so comfy, bump friendly, and easy to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.  The tee is also a nursing tee, so perfect for post pregnancy months.   Definitely a one of my favourite preggers looks.  

 photo F0965D51.jpg photo 2C38C762.jpg photo BD59D7D7.jpg
I’m not usually a demure dress type of girl but have been a little more self conscious about my body as I reach the end of my third trimester.  I wanted to try something that wasn’t my usual mini length, and bump accentuating rather than camouflaging.  This dress is made from a ridiculously comfortable stretch jersey, and features a belted waist to give the perfect shape.  It works for dressy events, but is easy to lounge around in as well.  I toughened up the girly style with a leather jacket and felt instantly ready for date night.

 photo 2C59931C.jpg photo 1D764B60.jpg 
 photo 1BEE4F9D.jpg
 photo 5D8917A5.jpg photo D29C3CF2.jpg

I’m edging into the end of my third trimester and have pretty much avoided maternity wear until this point.  Aside from a pair of leggings and tights I have managed to stay in my floaty dresses and wearing shorts just under that bump, but these solutions are starting to look a little futile as we reach pass week 31.  Last week I went to check out Mayarya in Sheung Wan to check out their bump friendly collection and pick out a few outfits that are both stylish but comfortable for a mommy to be.  

I loved their fashionable and varied collection incorporating work wear, trendy separates, resort pieces, and even a few event ready dresses.   They also have an alluring selection of maternity, nursing bras, swimwear, and stretch mark avoiding skin care products.  My favourite part was many of their pieces are very wearable after pregnancy, so you aren’t wasting funds on something you will only deign to look at for a few months.   Top picks include the faux leather leggings, pocket tees that are bump and nursing friendly, trendy diaper bag backpack, and comfy yet cute stretch lace nursing bras.  A great shop for those who are skeptical about maternity wear and aren’t willing to give up their fashion flair. They also offer a VIP pick up service to and from the store and incredibly friendly and helpful staff to ensure your shopping experience is an enjoyable and relaxing one.  A definite must visit if you are expecting.



G/F, 26 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan
(+852) 2968 0929

Shop 104, 1/F Stanley Plaza, Stanley
(+852) 2968 0939

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 photo E4767DA6.jpg photo 01DE3E1C.jpg photo 55B7C153.jpg photo 2048CCF1.jpg photo 60189DDF.jpg photo 9D8D3039.jpg photo 601A529B.jpg
We are off on another trip tomorrow.  This time just a little hop away to Taiwan where most of my family happily reside.  The boy is looking forward to endless local eats and I can’t wait to browse the petit and sweet boutiques and cafes.  This will most likely be our last fly away vacay before the baby arrives.  Less than 3 months until I pop.  Can’t wait 🙂

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 photo 98A6AF16.jpg photo 6DCC534F.jpg photo 0502D319.jpg photo 97B089ED.jpg photo 235B4B5A.jpg
Facing the final week before Christmas holidays begin, and we are packing it with a simple mixture of running around town and last minute get togethers.  I’m fully immersed in the Christmas spirit which involves forgetting the gym exists and reconnecting with my chocolate cravings.  Starbucks festive beverages and happy inducing red cups are a daily must have, and anything warm and cozy has been put at the forefront of my wardrobe.  Heels have been set aside for the moment in favour of rain stomping boots, and I’m still having dreams of snow on the 25th.  Fingers crossed.  

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 photo 58637b8ed7bbc74f6d6f835f16f886a5.jpg photo ea6575b2473c97bd1b4e1067a908da57.jpg 

Are you guys a little obsessed with this tied around the waist trend too?  My partiality towards the grunge trend could be due to the fact that I spent much of my early adolescence in Washington State, the birthplace of Nirvana and unbuttoned plaid shirts.  I still remember sporting this trend at the young age of 12 with boyish denim shorts and a crop top my Mom was unsure I should be wearing.  Some things never quite change.  It does make me feel a little old to remember a trend the first time around, but it just makes it all the easier to emulate I guess.  I recommend using your boyfriend’s shirts.  The longer sleeves and length make the statement more obvious than your own.

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If you aren’t traveling over this long weekend it’s a good time to reorganize life. I’m not sure why Spring creates cravings of cleaning and purging your home of junk, but I’m definitely caught up in the cliche. Numerous runs to Ikea later we have a far more functional living space and are several kilos lighter in unwanted belongings. It is now time to find a suitable filing system for my wardrobe so dressing each day is efficient rather than mess inducing.
Happy Easter!!

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