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As a mother who has spent the much of my last few years either pregnant or breastfeeding, I’ve become incredibly aware of green beauty brands. I’m the first to admit I was never obsessed with ingredients in my 20s, but when you’re nourishing and growing another body you want to ensure everything they get is only the best. My biggest issue with natural beauty products is they sometimes aren’t as effective as the chemical laden variety, which was why I was very excited to meet three Canadian green beauty brands here in HK and try out their incredible products. I’m happy to say not only do all these brands offer effective and well priced ranges, but the attention and care put into their ingredients and quality products is a breath of fresh air in this fast paced world.

My Daughter Fragrances:

For everyone who craves romantic and nostalgic scents, this is the brand for you. Each bottle is produced and created at their family farm and so evidently made with love. Janey’s muse is her gorgeous 8 year old daughter, so she has made sure all ingredients are natural and created without “bad stuff” such as parabens and phthalates. The scents transport you straight into a floral meadow with My Wild featuring notes of violets and frankincense as my favourite. I loved the unique and personal packaging complete with a sentimental quote at the back of every box and the sweet and dreamy brand image. I smell the perfect Mother’s Day gift if you’re looking.

Pura Botanicals:

Pura Botanicals is a green beauty apothecary and natural perfumery. All of their plant based products are non toxic, cruelty free, and eco friendly. Their selection is wide ranging from comforting overnight masks to bohemian scents, and even a baby line. I love the crystal facial rollers using different stones, each boasting a variety of unique benefits and pair perfectly with their creams and serums. If you are looking to replace you beauty routine with green, eco products that work then Pura Botanical is a one stop shop for you and your family.

Wild Prairie Soap Company:

I tend to choose natural soaps and lotions as I know my children and I can use the same products and Wild Prairie offers an amazing range utilising effective vegetable based ingredients. Each bar of soap contains 50% olive oil ensuring a longer lasting and moisturising product that won’t dry out your skin. Check out the charcoal rosa soap for its detoxifying qualities and the luxurious scrubs for a truly indulgent treat. All their soaps are environmentally safe and the packaging is 100% recyclable, so pick up a variety of bars guilt free.

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Before and After

As soon as you set foot into Love Hair HK, you are immersed in a friendly and welcoming setting. The cute and comfortable salon, located just above busy Wellington Street, is a little sanctuary where you can relax and get all your hair needs. The best part isn't just the friendly and talented team of stylists or the rustic, vintage design, but the amazing ethos behind this eco salon. Eco Salon is something I never thought would exist, in always polluted HK, but Love Hair manages to use products and values that are both good for our hair and the environment.

When I first hear natural products, I'm usually dubious about how effective it will be on my hair. I tend to like my dark locks highlighted blonde, and this can mean lots of smelly bleach and a stinging scalp to achieve my desired look. Not at Love Hair. My amazing stylist, Camille, used balayage to create a natural and blended look, where I still had the lightness I craved, but with manageable roots. The toner she used was quick and fuss free, and she even added a root smudge to really blend the colour. The products are very low in harmful chemicals, no parabens, no ammonia, no sulfates, no sodium chloride, no lye, and still effective without all the damage. After a quick trim I walked away with newly lightened yet shiny hair, and I didn't feel any added dryness or brittleness that usually comes in the first few days.

Not only does Love Hair's owner, Toni, care about your hair but she's passionate about the environment too. They recycle through a trusted company, use only fairtrade coffee and wine, the decor is created from reclaimed or eco wood, and they try their best to find any way to minimise their carbon footprint. I loved the earthy, chic design and all the thought and effort that has gone into every aspect of this salon and their services. A beautiful spot, where you will walk away feeling great about your hair and carbon footprint.

1F, 99F Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong Island

+852 24 5801 90

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French import, Jean Louis David, brings European flair to HK.  The minimalist, modern space is a chic sanctuary for the fashion set to be pampered and reinvent their look. I loved the attention to detail and hygiene, alongside highly skilled and friendly staff.  I talked them through what I was looking for and we touched up my blonde, taking away any brassy tones, and experimented with their signature balayage technique. They also offer amazing makeup artists and products as well as manis and pedis so you can walk away ready for a night out.  Located conveniently in Central, you can hop over during your lunch break for a quick blow dry or book in for a consultation and let their talented staff take care of you. 


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Currently watching the rain outside and seriously craving a pampering session.  With two kids at home and a constant stack of work, it’s hard to justify stepping away to give myself a slice of “me time.”  Luckily Flawless is located right at the heart of Central, and the luxurious urban spa is one favourite spots for a few hours of pampering. On my last visit the highly knowledgable technicians introduced me to Medik8 and I’m officially hooked.  Not only do their products utilise natural ingredients, but the results are evident right after your treatment. I had the “Superfacial” and left the spa with glowing, clear skin.  The whole process only took 60 minutes including a few extractions and my face wasn’t at all irritated.  I was able to ask my helpful technician questions about my skin type and she helped me understand how to maintain the addictive results.  You can also purchase Medik8 products to use at home and I religiously use the Hydr8 Skin Rehydration Serum every night. Make sure to check out their luxurious mani/pedis, massages, and make-up services too, or bring a few friends and enjoy a pampering session with bubbly. Nothing more I could ask for from a professional and chic spa.  

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Becoming a mummy makes you so much more aware of what you put into your body and on your skin. For the past three I have subjected my body to 18 months of pregnancy and two years of breastfeeding. I’m still currently nursing our 7 week old, so it’s safe to say I’ve been sharing my body with my kids for a long time and I still have a few months to go.  Parents are always concious of organic, gluten free, dairy free but we don’t talk about the many ingredients in so many beauty products. While pregnant or nursing I cut out all medication including cold and flu as well as anything for pain. The only exception is over the four days after my c-section and this time I only needed them for 2 days post-op.  After hours of research, browsing,comparing ingredients, and test driving myself I’ve landed upon a list of products I’m happy for the kids to use but thought I should clean up my act too. I wasn’t happy to splurge on super expensive moisturisers for natural ingredients so looked for more basic options that really do the job. 

Going back to basics for me is just stocking up on pure oils you can find in most health food shops. I’m addicted to sweet almond, coconut, Argan, and rose hip. They all work as a facial oil, make-up remover, hair mask, and I can even use them on the kids. The smell is addictive and so moisturising. 

Below are a few products I’m loving at the moment:

Thayers Rose Petal Toner: Alcohol free, smells amazing, light, fresh and perfect before I put on my moisturiser.

Everyday Coconut Eye Cream: I love coconut oil around my eyes at bedtime but this is a lighter, less greasy option. The huge bottle lasts ages and is very price friendly. 

Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil: I am currently using this as a body oil and face oil under my moisturiser before bed. Smells great, but it’s greasy so better for before bed than in mornings. I love waking to silky smooth skin. 

The Palma Christi Castor Oil: I mix this with a bit of almond oil when I need extra moisture. I also find it helps with scars and stretch marks. I managed to escape without many stretch marks from both pregnancies but have a few small ones on my sides that are almost completely gone from using this twice a day on the affected area.

Bee Naturals Cleansing Creme:  I often use coconut oil as my cleanser, but also love this beeswax version. I’m obsessed with Eve Lom cleanser and this can stand in as a more affordable alternative when used with hot water and a muslin cloth.

All items bought off iHerb. Use my referral code, FHK417, for a discount off your first order. 

What are your favourite natural beauty products? 

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I have a serious phobia of cutting my hair. I’m not sure when it happened, but one day I discovered my round face suited ultra long locks over the standard mid-length variety and since then I’ve fought to not over trim at subsequent salon visits.  This endeavour can be a serious, arduous task when I also prefer honey blonde locks that requires a bit of bleaching each visit.  Opting for balayage, choosing a colourist who makes roots look good, and Japanese imported salon treatments at each appointment goes a long way in maintenance, but here are a few of my favourite life saving products.  Just in case you are a long hair, bleach addict like myself.

Elvive Extraordinary Oil:  This is when I am on a budget, and I generally have a spare bottle lying around for when I run out of my current serum.  It’s very easy on the bank account and just two pumps does wonders for your ends.  Apply to towel dried locks before styling and you will protect your ends from heat damage.  I also apply to 2nd or 3rd day hair if my ends are feeling a little dry.  Just smudge a bit on my fingertips and work it through before I throw it up in a bun to later create a wavy mess.

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream:  I am obsessed with this deep conditioning mask.  If my hair is feeling very dry I just go ahead and use it as my daily conditioner, otherwise once a week does the trick.  You can opt for a quick version and apply for five minutes while you shower, or towel dry, apply generously, and wrap in towel for 20 minutes for a luxurious hair treat.  I guarantee silky smooth locks as a result.

Pure Argan Oil:  I started noticing that this was a key ingredient in many of my favourite hair serums so decided to try it in its natural form.  It’s a little too heavy to use as a serum before blow drying, but if I wash my hair the night before I apply 5-6 drops overnight and wake up with very silky hair. I also just slather it on, avoiding roots, if I’m not going out and leave for several hours as a deep conditioner. Just wash it out next time you shampoo.  It really helps keep up the condition of your hair and remember it’s great for your skin as well!

Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide:  I use this when I’m going to be doing a lot of heat styling. Keeps my hair from getting dry and gives a very smooth, shiny appearance.  A little goes a very long way and my bottle lasts for months at a time.  I use my curling iron a lot to produce waves, so this product is essential in my beauty routine.

Morrocan Oil:  I know this is a cult favourite but I have to rave about it too.  I have been using this for years and it’s by far my favourite daily serum.  Works great on dry or wet hair.  Use a little on your ends if your hair needs a bit of refreshing, and if you have long, thick, colour treated locks like mine, it’s very hard to use too much.  I never feel it’s greasy, but my hair always comes out soft and in control.

Share any great products you guys recommend too!


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I’m always on the prowl for a great, talented hairdresser who can achieve that non brassy, slightly ashy blonde .  Kim Robinson took me to my absolute blondest a while back and I’ve been obsessed with the look since.  If his Central located, luxurious salon is too pricey for your budget make sure to check out his new venture KR+.  The trendy, relaxed salon has a distinct stylish vibe and their hair technicians exude great skill and use top of line products just as would be expected from the Kim Robinson brand.  I walked out with perfect Autumn ready honey blonde locks that felt healthy and easy to manage.  Make sure to check out their Sai Ying Pun and Causeway Bay locations and try it for yourself.



Sai Ying Pun

SOHO 189
Shop 8, 189 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, HK (MTR Exit A1)


Midtown 1, Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, HK. (MTR Exit A)

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I wanted to share with you guys my go-to mani/pedi spot in HK.  I can’t go more than a few weeks without visiting this little sanctuary.  The Nail Library has three locations, Upper House, Central, and Sheung Wan, but their Po Hing Fong shop is my favourite little place to unwind and escape from a busy day.  Only a few minutes walk from home, the quiet haven incorporates stylish industrial design and comforting seating and ambiance.  The knowledgable staff are always helpful with whatever nail art you would like to try, which non-toxic products are best during your pregnancy, or being super quick if you are in a hurry.  I can’t recommend them more if you are looking for a regular spot to pamper your hands and feet.  Bring a few girlfriends and sip tea and bubbly while catching up, and make sure to try their decadent, exclusive Louboutin experience for a true VIP treat.

The Nail Library

Sheung Wan: 6 Po Hing Fong Street

Central: Level 2, 6 Cochrane Street

Upper House, Admiralty

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As many of you probably know, I’m a little lazy about getting my hair done.  I think I’m just too antsy for the whole process, but sometimes a girl has to sacrifice and suffer for the greater cause.  I recently visited Hollywood Hair to try out the salon for the first time.  I was in dire need of a haircut (I think we were getting to waist length) and was eager to try their make-up services as well.  The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming from the moment I entered and within minutes I was convinced to veer off my original plan and sample their balayage colouring technique to touch up my roots.  Benjamin Amey, their resident balayage expert, went through a few options with me and taught me the great art of loving my roots.  The process was not only quick and simple, but got me to the blonde I crave without any brassiness and a lot less damage.  The best part is balayage blends so well, so your grow out won’t be as noticeable which means less visits to the salon.  Yay! I am defintely enjoying the natural results and can say I do love my roots if it means I don’t have to spend hours in a salon chair anytime soon.

After the colour was finished, we delved right into the cut.   Matthew helped me get rid of the super damaged ends and added a few layers to give it a bit of shape.  My hair instantly felt lighter and healthier and the layers brought out the beach waves I am always working to create.  I was really scared about losing too much length and Matthew listened to it all and made sure to eradicate as much damage as possible without giving me anxiety by chopping it all off.  His blowdry was also amazing, creating perfect waves that lasted through the night.

The last step came when Krystina did my make-up for the evening.  Now I have to admit at this point we only had about 20 minutes left before I had to jet off and she managed to do an deep smokey eye and finished look in that time frame.  She informed me it’s from experience on various tv sets in the past, and didn’t seem rushed at all while she worked.  I was so happy with my intricate look which took mere minutes to create.  The quality of make-up was also impressive and I’m absolutely in love with the Tom Ford palette she used on my eyes.  Already on my must purchase list.

If you are looking for a salon that will make you feel right at home and listen to the details of the look you want to achieve this is the place.  I heard English, Cantonese, and Mandarin all spoken by various stylists while in the salon, and the variety of friendly characters means you won’t have a problem finding the right stylist for you.  Stop by for a blowdry and make-up session before a night out or get a consultation and have a hair makeover.  You won’t regret it.

Thank you Hollywood Hair!

Hollywood Hair

23/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central

Hong Kong

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I’ve been travelling non-stop the last month, hoping from one beach destination to the next, and subjecting my skin to copious amounts of sun, sea, and sand.  I always have my favourite products I bring along each trip and these Ahava skin products have gotten me through my travels without lugging around hefty bottles or messy containers.  Ahava are a natural brand, utilizing minerals from the dead sea.  The natural element of the brand means no nasty stuff.  My skin is extremely sensitive and I found that although effective, nothing was overly abrasive on my skin. The Mineral Body Exfoliator was the perfect pre beach treat to create silky smooth skin and I couldn’t get enough of the Caressing Body Sorbet and Essential Day Moisturiser after a long day in the sun.  I’m definitely addicted to this pure skincare brand and can’t wait to try more of their sensitive skin friendly products. 

Windsor House
Causeway Bay 
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