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Global Breastfeeding Week and Mayarya

written by ChristingC August 3, 2014
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I never truly understood the simple things that would bond me to my daughter and I’m still dicovering the amazing ins and outs of our relationship each and every day. .  Many say it’s giving birth, the first time they gaze in wonderment into your eyes, but one of the main elements for me has been breastfeeding.  Nursing Ever has been the most fulfilling and magical experience I have been lucky enough to be granted.  From the first time in the hospital to her latched to me as I currently click away on my phone, I know it’s when we are closest and it’s a bond that nobody else can share.  

I can still remember her expectant face staring at me with longing eyes each time the nurses placed her into my arms those daunting first days. I savoured her sweet smell and revelled in the fact that I’m supplying her with just what she craves and needs.  Our first two weeks, while both of us unsteadily learnt the natural art of breastfeeding, were equally heart wrenching and emotional. I naively thought this process would be so natural and simple but little did I know it was also a learning process for us both.   The funny thing is after two weeks we found our stride and haven’t looked back.  During the newborn stages feeding is such a necessity and the only factor in her life aside from sleep, so she fed vigorously and often.  Now at twelve weeks she engages with me each time she is hungry.  Ever constantly greets me with a smile, seldom breaks eye contact while feeding and even pauses to beam her happiest grin.  She jostles with excitement when she spots me and snuggles against my breast for comfort and safety.  She still reluctantly drinks from her bottle, and patiently waits as I rush home to her.  It’s our special moment each and every day and I’m fully aware that until I stop nursing, it’s impossible for her to seek comfort or bond with other adults, including her Daddy, the way she does with me. We sleep beside each other, breathing synchronised, and at times it feels she may have never left the womb.  With each month our dynamic changes and I feel myself pulling closer to her, noticing her quirks, comforting her moods, encouraging her determined personality,and creating a unbreakable relationship through this amazing experience.

I strongly encourage mothers to breastfeed for as long as you are comfortable.  Many circumstances can make this difficult and we all know our bodies and what’s right for us, but if it is out of convenience or discomfort, I hope that we can start breaking those boundaries and help breastfeeding become more socially acceptable in public.  Women should feel comfortable and at ease feeding their children for as long as it is right for them and their baby.

It is currently Global Breastfeeding Week, and in celebration Mayarya are presenting a great breastfeeding campaign to raise awareness for breastfeeding mothers.  Hong Kong’s breastfeeding rate remains low and research has shown that this is partly due to mothers not feeling confident about nursing in public. To help break these boundaries, Mayarya are sponsoring an exhibition that artistically depicts mothers nursing in public spaces in Hong Kong.  Go check it out along with their comfortable and stylish range of nursing friendly clothing.

Photo exhibition details:

Dates: 9 to 14 August 2014

Location: Outside the Mayarya boutique, at Level 1 Stanley Plaza

Opening hours: 11am-8pm

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