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written by ChristingC January 27, 2014

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For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@ChristingC), you probably already know the boy and I are expecting šŸ™‚  Already over 6 months along, so less than three months to go.   Starting a family is a daunting step that we have discussed and anticipated for a little while now.  The sensation of growing a little person inside of me is exhilarating in itself and I feel ecstatic with every hint of movement.  I’m guessing our world is about to shift dramatically very soon, but I’m so excited to bring our little girl up in our carefree and non-conventional ways.  The boy and I never were up for following the rules through marriage and I’m sure parenting will be a similar adventure for us.  I was daydreaming today about the years I lived in London as an irresponsible single girl.  Those years before I met the boy and before this blog began. I still can sense so many of that innocent girl’s passions and spontaneity in my daily decisions.  Her nonchalant spirit and disregard for everyone’s expectations.  Those elements are still so strong in my personality today.  The main emotion I find missing are the random moments of loneliness that used to hit when I traipsed the cold streets with music blaring in my ears, family less holidays that quickly passed, and weekends in bed nursing my colossal hangovers.  Loneliness is a very foreign emotion to me now and something I don’t ever want back.   I am relishing the sense of belonging in this little family we will soon become. 

I’m going to be posting more bump pics and recommending all my pre-mommy discoveries on here and Instagram (@ChristingC).  Follow me and the hashtag #ccbabybump on Instagram for updates about pre-natal spa treatments, cute bump flattering outfits, baby outfit shopping, and pregnancy friendly workouts.

And for all of you who aren’t into the whole baby thing…don’t worry!  Fashion Hedonism will still be all about outfit posts and fashion inspiration for you to browse.


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