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Health & Fitness with ChristingC: XYZ Indoor Cycling

written by ChristingC August 6, 2014
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The time has come.  I’m starting my health kick.  Not to some crazy extent, but it’s 12 weeks post Baby Ever’s arrival and I want to work towards my old body and fitness levels. I can be lazy at the best of times, so I need a bit of a push to pry myself out of our cozy bed, and ignite the desire to sweat.   My decidsion was to jump start it all with my favourite form of exercise, aka spinning, and what better place than ultra cool XYZ.  
If you want working out to be fun, fast paced and interactive this is the place for you.  I’m obsessed with the great music, upbeat vibe, and general friendly atmosphere.  It’s not all fun and games though.  I started out with a How to XYZ class and their slower paced Grow Young class before moving onto the ultra fun and sweat it all out Born to Move.  The instructors are all reassuringly enthusiastic without being overbearing and manage to make each class fly by.   I am never bored and always looked forward to returning each day.   I even managed to do a few days of back to back classes and am now feeling more toned, energetic,and happier. The endorphins are definitely addictive and I can’t stop myself from daily visits for that extra high.

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