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written by ChristingC March 18, 2014
 photo AF99161E.jpg photo 8DC55ADD.jpg photo 856A3D5A.jpg photo 2BB0882F.jpg photo 41CC2E83.jpg  photo 082A976F.jpg
 photo 6AFC674E.jpg
 C. by Christing C. Dress, Choies Cardigan, Chanel Flats.

My mood is getting lazier by day.  The last month of pregnancy is in full swing and all I crave are naps and chocolate.  It’s extremely tempting to sleep all day, and I usually give in to the unproductive urge.  It’s one of those life moments when you convince yourself you deserve all the indulgences you are allowed, and I am very lucky the boy spends most of his days trying to meet these indulgences.   Outfits are becoming repetitive, and I’m thankful for my little collection of flowy dresses that are carrying through these precarious few weeks.  Today felt like Spring and just in time.   Hopefully the baby will arrive on a beautiful sunny day and love blue skies and fresh flowers just like I do. 

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