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written by ChristingC July 3, 2013
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Maurie&Eve Broken Heart Jumper: $1500 HKD/$200USD, Sizes S and M.
Stolen Girlfriends Club Full Circle Skirt: $700 HKD/$100USD, Sizes Aus 8 and 12.
Orders for both products can be made by emailing [email protected]
I’m motivated this month.  Not the usual, mentally checking things off a list, chastising myself for not achieving more, and reaching a daily deadline motivated.  A real I’m going to accomplish something big motivated.   Surviving on four hours sleep and zero minutes of free time is not second nature to me, but it’s been three days and I’m powering through.  Little time has been left for meals, relaxing evenings or weekends away, but it’s just 30 days or so right? So here we go.  If you see me this month, I’m probably the dishevelled mess running around town.


Christing C. online shop will be returning shortly, but for now all orders can be made by email!  I’ll keep loading exclusive sale products daily here!

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