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Sit N Stroll in HK

written by ChristingC February 24, 2014

I have been contemplating the car seat dilemma for several weeks now.   We definitely don’t want to be lugging around a stroller, heavy car seat, and whatever else the little one may require every time we leave the house, but the boy and I are taxi addicts and generally steer clear of public transport.  We also take weekend car journeys to my Dad’s place in Shenzhen, so a two in one option sounded ideal.  The Sit N Stroll is a one stop fix for our travel needs.  Car seat and stroller in one, and it’s airline approved.   Perfect for our nomadic lifestyle and I think it looks more minimalistic and chic than other stroller varieties. We plan on taking our first trip with the baby when she’s only 4 months old, and it will be a long haul flight, so we are very happy with this easy to travel solution.   Who can argue with something that is approved by hottie yummy mummies, Jessica Alba and Giselle Bunchen?  Not me.

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