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Ever Diary: 2nd Month Essentials

written by ChristingC June 21, 2014
Another four weeks have passed and Ever is growing at warp speed.  She has taken a liking to florals and may have started to look a little more like me and less identical to the boy.  She went through a single extremely fussy week and ended it with a huge smile and complete attitude change. Now she can’t smile enough and seems extremely pleased with the most mundane things! Addiction to sleep must be heriditary because Ever sleeps like a champion two month old.  I must be the only Mommy that gets to sleep in until 10:30am and is actually the one to wake her baby up when it’s time to rise and shine.   I know there are a million different stages and things can change in a snap so for now I’m enjoying the peace.  
Products we couldn’t live without this month.
Graco Countour Electra Travel Cot: This pack and play is probably too heavy to actually use for travel but it’s Ever’s new napping spot.   I am not partial to the nanny co-sleeping with Ever so she spends a lot of time here while we are out.   It has a few dangly toys to keep her smiley face occupied and plays music to lull her to sleep.   It also has a slight swinging motion which she loves and a little night light.  Perfect for daytime playing and napping.
Pigeon baby lotion and Mustela Hydra Bebe Facial Cream:  We have started using products on Ever and she loves both of these.  They make her smell delicious and keeps the dry skin at bay.  She has experienced a few very mild rashes since birth but nothing that a little bit of breastmilk wont fix.  It’s my favourite trick of the trade.  Rubbing breastmilk on rashes consistently makes them dissapear instantly. 
Breast Milk Storage Bags: There are tons of brands out there and they all do the job.   We have started going out at night so I pump in the day to make sure she has enough to drink while I’m out.   I have also started storing bags of milk in the freezer in case I have to leave her on any overnight trips.   Always better to be prepared.
Playgym:  We had this from the first month but her interest in it did not appear until now.   She can spend a lot of time staring up at those toys and is mesmerized by the mirror. It’s a sure way to bring out her smile and a perfect way to spend the time between feeding and sleeping.  Also works for tummy time or a soft mat to place her on and dress her after a bath.  I love Mamas and Papas’ selection as the colours aren’t too much of an eyesore. It won’t be long and she’ll be due her first dental appointment (I think it’s in 1 month!) which will be an experience, I hope she keeps her amazing smile to show the practitioners at Dentist Santa Monica.

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