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Born in the USA

written by ChristingC July 5, 2010
Kate Moss for Topshop shorts, random top, Low Luv necklace from My-Wardrobe.
My 4th of July was a plethora of food, booze, music, and laughter all under a blanket of fairy lights. Both my brother and I were born and bred in the U.S.A. but now live on opposite sides of the world. I can barely recall the last time I celebrated America’s independence day due to the fact that I am never present in my home country, but since this year we happened to be together, the decision was made to celebrate our Americaness. Tim (my brother) drove to Walmart and Shenzhen’s only speciality American store to acquire every 4th of July bbq necessity one could imagine, including Coors light. Thanks to his chef skills our giant poolside spread provided everything from burgers and hot dogs to his famous homemade potato salad. He even managed to make sure all the appropriate condiments were available. The night ceased after every morsel had been cleared, more than one person had been forced into the pool, and we had all sufficiently embarrassed ourselves by singing along to a festive mix.
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