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Childish Antics

written by ChristingC January 26, 2009
After reminiscing about my fashion choices as a child, I went with the mood and selected a full skirted silk chiffon dress to wear to Sunday lunch. The Topshop Unique dress had the ability to transform me into part Parisian doll, part girl next door (not Playboy variation), but when accessorized correctly it was just my style. Once fully dressed,I excitedly exited the flat preparing for some girly photo ops. Little did I know I would be confronted by a full on rain storm. Following several moments of childish pouting, we retreated back to our hallway to take some pics before braving the aggressive London weather. My mood picked up as I skipped through large puddles holding my oversized, Mary Poppins style umbrella. Upon entering the Electric Brassiere I noticed my dress was now speckled with raindrops, and my feet were drenched and cold from over zealous puddle hopping. I didn’t let this or the rain ruin my mood, but continued to wait for our table, swinging my feet at the bar whilst devouring a glass of white wine. As I looked down I realized I kind of missed the flat mary-janes, paired with ruffled ankle socks, which I wore religiously through my single digit years.

Topshop Unique dress, Versace leather jacket, Asos belt, Zara gladiator heels, all jewellery from Portobello Market.

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