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she divulges the bare essentials…

written by ChristingC December 2, 2009

DVF dress, H&M bangles.

There is often speculation on this blog about my daily activities, and how I circulate an income which allows constant evenings out, and spontaneous travel. I am not overly enthusiastic about divulging details, but lets just say I am incredibly lucky to work for family under flexible circumstances, and it is not at all fashion related. One of my few job requirements includes attending events as the ‘face’ of our company, and the soiree of choice last night was T3‘s annual winter party, sponsored by our insanely cool PR team. We devoured mini burgers and brownies, delved into a sea of Coronas, and witnessed the very brave take turns on a giant vodka luge. Our taxi arrived precisely when the music ceased. Great nights end with perfect timing.

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