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Best of Tokyo

written by ChristingC December 4, 2009

Leopard print dress from random boutique in Hong Kong, Versace leather jacket, necklace from Portobello Market.

We all know I have a slight addiction to travel. My dreams are frequently filled with tropical beaches and humidity, obscure delectable cuisine, neon illuminated lights displaying a foreign tongue, and submerging in unfamiliar traditions and culture. Sitting patiently at the top of my “must see” list is Tokyo, a city with hot dog vending machines, goldfish pedicures, endless sushi and ramen joints, and the new Opening Ceremony store. I was devastated to hear that my Father and brother are taking a trip to my “must see” destination a mere week before my arrival in Asia. Could they not have waited just 7 days?! So after much pouting and disdain I was promised a suitcase full of gifts upon their return. But what to ask for?! Any of you out there have recommendations…anything from beauty products and fashion to your favourite or most obscure Japanese candies and cookies. All suggestions are welcome!

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