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Beauty Post: Tips for Long, Colour Treated Hair

written by ChristingC January 27, 2016

I have a serious phobia of cutting my hair. I’m not sure when it happened, but one day I discovered my round face suited ultra long locks over the standard mid-length variety and since then I’ve fought to not over trim at subsequent salon visits.  This endeavour can be a serious, arduous task when I also prefer honey blonde locks that requires a bit of bleaching each visit.  Opting for balayage, choosing a colourist who makes roots look good, and Japanese imported salon treatments at each appointment goes a long way in maintenance, but here are a few of my favourite life saving products.  Just in case you are a long hair, bleach addict like myself.

Elvive Extraordinary Oil:  This is when I am on a budget, and I generally have a spare bottle lying around for when I run out of my current serum.  It’s very easy on the bank account and just two pumps does wonders for your ends.  Apply to towel dried locks before styling and you will protect your ends from heat damage.  I also apply to 2nd or 3rd day hair if my ends are feeling a little dry.  Just smudge a bit on my fingertips and work it through before I throw it up in a bun to later create a wavy mess.

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream:  I am obsessed with this deep conditioning mask.  If my hair is feeling very dry I just go ahead and use it as my daily conditioner, otherwise once a week does the trick.  You can opt for a quick version and apply for five minutes while you shower, or towel dry, apply generously, and wrap in towel for 20 minutes for a luxurious hair treat.  I guarantee silky smooth locks as a result.

Pure Argan Oil:  I started noticing that this was a key ingredient in many of my favourite hair serums so decided to try it in its natural form.  It’s a little too heavy to use as a serum before blow drying, but if I wash my hair the night before I apply 5-6 drops overnight and wake up with very silky hair. I also just slather it on, avoiding roots, if I’m not going out and leave for several hours as a deep conditioner. Just wash it out next time you shampoo.  It really helps keep up the condition of your hair and remember it’s great for your skin as well!

Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide:  I use this when I’m going to be doing a lot of heat styling. Keeps my hair from getting dry and gives a very smooth, shiny appearance.  A little goes a very long way and my bottle lasts for months at a time.  I use my curling iron a lot to produce waves, so this product is essential in my beauty routine.

Morrocan Oil:  I know this is a cult favourite but I have to rave about it too.  I have been using this for years and it’s by far my favourite daily serum.  Works great on dry or wet hair.  Use a little on your ends if your hair needs a bit of refreshing, and if you have long, thick, colour treated locks like mine, it’s very hard to use too much.  I never feel it’s greasy, but my hair always comes out soft and in control.

Share any great products you guys recommend too!


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