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written by ChristingC July 1, 2015

   Peak Road Tunic Flores Dress   Peak Road Ever Set  Flores Dress and Ba&sh BlazerNusa Robe and Elgin Cami Portobello Dress in Tropical Floral      Jimbaran Dress

Curating a wardrobe that breezes in and out of a suitcase like second nature is top of my list of priorites. I spend a lot of time stuffing all of mine and Ever’s neccessities into a single suitcase and need outfits that work from day to night, with flats and heels, require minimal accessories, and still make that statement.  After trawling numerous fabric markets across the world, I’m finally pulling together a small stack of perfect printed dress I can’t help but reach for again and again.  Other goals are pieces that generally don’t need any ironing, and a floaty shape that flatters all shapes.  I’m seriously partial to silk chiffons, floaty florals, and light cotton for all this heat and humidity, and just throw on a leather jacket or blazer if it’s a bit cooler than crazy humid HK.

Also how cute are the new Ever Sets? I am totally becoming one of those moms.. actually not.  We don’t really wear them together, but in my quest to not waste any fabric, I’ve worked with my manufacturer to create baby dresses in very limited numbers out of  any leftover cotton fabrics we have available, so needless to say Ever’ s floral print wardrobe is now thriving as well.  I have more coming soon, but for now you can shop all of the above online!


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