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written by ChristingC May 20, 2015

  Wearing Christing C. Portobello Dress, Topshop hat.

The boy and I entwined our hands and slowly strolled along this path almost every night during my pregnancy.  Our predictable evenings of drunken memories and blistering hangovers were exchanged for quiet planning of the future.  We would take small pauses to relish in our daughter’s robust kicks and eagerly countdown the days to her arrival.  I loved gazing at Hong Kong’s bright skyline from our quiet path, watching the city continue its routine while we learned to adapt ours. Taking this walk now is both nostalgic and romantic for me. Sometimes we partake alone after a lazy Saturday with our daughter and other times we bring her along, legs swinging, eyes curiously beaming, perched at the edge of her stroller.  I’ll miss these moments if we move from Hong Kong. All the details that made us transition from two to three.

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