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you are my sweetheart

written by ChristingC March 8, 2015
Currently finding it impossible to slumber before 4am. The weird quiet hours where I indulge in silence, tv gazing, novel devouring all while wedged between the boy and the baby is just too tempting.  Peaceful moments become a hot commodity when your days are consumed by everything else and this is my way of still ensuring there’s me time despite my new responsibilities.  I have quickly become defined by my roles; mother, wife, daughter, blogger, designer, which can create little room to remember who I was before it all happened.  Back when just a cappuccino and a fashion magazine was all I craved.  What is it like to just be alone and me?  Back when I was on here every single day pouring my mind out one slow hour at a time.  The new goal is to make time.  Through midnight reading, afternoon workouts, and those girly gossip sessions over cocktails.  I ensure I will be better at my other roles if I remember spontaneous, and messy me.  


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