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written by ChristingC March 20, 2014
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Camping in an office is the only appropriate way to describe our former living conditions.  The boy and I had plenty of space and resources to play with, but laziness always overtook and it was easier to set up in a huge bed and stay weirdly content in that element.   Once news of the imminent arrival of our little girl hit, motivation peaked and we have completely rearranged our entire home one room at a time.  The biggest changes have taken place where our little family will spend most of our time, but the first step was to let go of our hoarding habits and donate 80% of what was stacking up in every corner available.   We have lived in more than our fair share of flats in together and have been happiest in the open plan studio type, over several bedrooms in a house.  Our tendency is to have all we need in once space, including each other and staying happily there whether working or playing for the majority of our day.   I’ve now been browsing inspiring flat images to add a little more personality to our little home.   Going down the flimsy, messy yet stylish route is much more me than the boy, but a clean and ultra modern design in not conceivable with what we have, so I guess I win.  I’m now wishing I had Portobello Market at my fingertips and all of America’s treasure chest vintage shops, but we’ll make it work with unique fabric scraps and getting a local carpenter to build a few customised pieces.  No rush, we’ll get there in the end. 


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