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baby girl nursery inspiration

written by ChristingC March 20, 2014
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Camping in an office is the only appropriate way to describe our former living conditions.  The boy and I had plenty of space and resources to play with, but laziness always overtook and it was easier to set up in a huge bed and stay weirdly content in that element.   We have lived in more than our fair share of flats together and have been happiest in the open plan studio types, over several bedrooms and a pretty house.  Once news of the imminent arrival of our little girl hit, motivation peaked and we have completely rearranged our entire home one room at a time.  The largest room is where we have made the most effort making sure to inject as much of our personality as possible.  Although our baby girl will most likely stay with us and make little use of her nursery in the first year, we are taking our time to make it a space fit for a boho princess. The amount of nursery rhymes I will be singing to her will be unreal, but this is the best part of having kids. Watching them grow up and being there through every step is something every parent will never forget.

Going down the flimsy, messy yet stylish route is much more me than the boy, but a clean and ultra modern design in not conceivable with what we have, so I guess I win. I’m loving the idea of a fort, because lets face it how much fun was fort building when you were little.  The rest will be all about pretty prints, dreamcatchers, draped fabrics, vintage art, and clothes that double as display.  I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty excited it’s a girl 😉


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