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written by ChristingC June 15, 2013
 photo 31BD72D2.jpg photo 9737DE7E.jpg
H&M top, Stolen Girlfriends Club full circle skirt from Christing C.

This constant torrential rain is killing me, but I guess it’s a great reason to wear something that is so waterproof it actually looks great with rain drops glistening on the surface.  My moods are swaying towards long hours in bed with green tea over parties and champagne at the moment.  I’ve taken a few leaps to sample new endeavours lately and the results have been more than rewarding.  Stepping out of my comfort zone is always daunting and easily avoided.  I find reasons to skip the next step which makes something become reality.  This time I’m glad I jumped in.  I hope you guys will love the outcome as much as I do.


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