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Moves like Jagger

written by ChristingC May 29, 2013
 photo 6EDF7351.jpg photo 9228D707.jpg  photo C6071287.jpg photo AD3965C7.jpg photo 7D9B3CF5.jpg photo E8526025.jpg

Also featuring Indonesian fried rice and beer from Indonesian Restaurant 1968, every kind of cocktail ever from Lion Rock bar, and super cute stick art display from the pop-up Art Basel and Louboutin collaboration.

Piling on stress on layer at a time.  Initially it’s fun to take on as much as possible in one’s schedule but I now can barely sleep in due to the fact that my mind runs constantly with figurative to-do lists.  I guess it’s far more amusing than a 9-5.  I’m currently back and forth from Shenzhen daily partaking in an exciting project. Can’t wait to share!! Stay tuned!! 

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