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written by ChristingC October 2, 2014
 Traipsing through my old stomping grounds and reminiscing about a past life has me thinking how much things have changed in the past few years.  Not only had the boy and I uprooted everything we knew in exchange for an enticing opportunity, but during this shift our dreams, goals, and needs have moved along to a new place.  It can be daunting to return somewhere that little has changed and realize how much you have in this process.  I now relish in time spent alone with my family and need little else than laughter, cuddles, and full time moments in our trio.  Rampant stories about escapades in the debatable fun of one night stands, boring debates about which neighbourhood is trendiest, or just general time spent perfecting that make up full face are just that much less interesting.  Instead I dream of deserted islands and foreign family adventures, the perfect ingredients to a cozy home, making the my girl grin her biggest smile, and long midnight chats with the boy.  Nothing is ever perfect, but I am a believer in building your dreams, not throwing in the towel too soon, or taking the road most travelled.  Do it your way and regret will never find you. 

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